a software engineer who professional in "backend development" and "game development". He can develop high-tech software applications for web, mobile and desktop, video games, websites, systems and bots.

The software engineer

A great problem solver and solution developer for your software applications.

  • Bachelor's degree in computer engineering.
  • Strong curiosity, Critical&Analytical Thinking, Creative problem-solving,
  • Coding skills with Javascript, C# and more 10+ languages.


Game development

Able to design and implement game mechanics, create compelling user interfaces, and optimize performance to ensure smooth gameplay. Able to work on a variety of game types, from mobile games to PC/console titles.

Integration of backend systems with games: Dual expertise in backend development and game development can be particularly useful if your business needs to integrate backend systems with games. This could include developing APIs or other communication channels between games and backend systems, or integrating user data from games into larger data analytics systems.

Also able to develop multiplayer games, “io games” and browser games.

  • Experience of cross-platform game engines : Unity 3D, LibGDX, Phaser(HTML5)

  • Online browser game development: HTML5 - Canvas, Three.js, Phaser and socket.io

  • Procedural Game/Level Design: Pseudo-random, Noises, Perlin Noise

  • Realtime Multiplayer, FPS, TPS, Vertex manipulation, Cloud Save, Friendship System, RPG, Market System, Economy System, Car,Motorcycle, Aircraft Controllers, Ragdoll/Humanoids

  • Spline Math, Beziers, Smoothings, Interpolations.

  • Advanced Physics, Optimizations, Global Positioning

  • Gameplay with touch, accelerometer, voice-control, geolocation, camera (AR)

  • Smart AI with Genetic Algorithms, Artificial neural network, Heuristic Algorithms

  • Game Development with C, C#, Java, Javascript, Rivescript

  • 30+ games developed:


Backend development

Able to develop, maintain, and improve the backend systems and infrastructure that power your business's software applications. This includes designing and implementing databases, APIs, server architecture, and other core components. With expertise in this area, your business can ensure that its software is stable, secure, and scalable.

  • Experience in Nodejs Development
    • Hapi.js, Express Frameworks
    • DBAL/ORM: Mongoose, Sequelize
    • Websocket applications and socket.io
    • Test-Driven Development with Mocha, Chai and Istanbul/NYC
    • ESLint and Clean Code Standard with ECMAScript (Javascript)
    • TSLint and Clean Code Standard with TypeScript
  • Experience in PHP Development
    • Laravel, Symfony, Phalcon Frameworks
    • DBAL/ORM: Doctrine
    • Test-Driven Development with PHPUnit library
    • PSR-2 Clean Code Standards, Best practices
  • RESTful APIS, Web Sites, Web Panels
  • MVC Architecture


Database managing

  1. Database design and maintenance: able to design, implement, and maintain databases to ensure they are optimized for your business needs. He can create efficient data structures, manage data backups and recovery, and ensure data integrity and security.
  2. Performance optimization: able to analyze database performance and identify areas for improvement. He can optimize queries, improve indexing, and fine-tune other database settings to improve the overall speed and efficiency of your database.
  3. Data migration: If your business needs to migrate data from one database to another, able to help ensure a smooth transition. He can identify potential issues, plan the migration process, and execute the migration with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Able to use these database techologies :

  • RDBMS : MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL : MongoDB, Redis
  • Realtime database : Firebase, RethinkDB

Mobile development

Knowledge across multiple browsers, platforms, and devices, including smartphones and tablets

  • Mobile games.
  • Cordova (Vanilla Javascript)
  • Flutter ( Dart )

Devops engineering

Curious about DevOps engineering. With these tools :

  • Source Code/ Version Control : git ( GitHub, GitLab) , Bitbucket
  • Kanban : Trello, Notion
  • Agile: JIRA
  • Build : Grunt
  • CI / CD : CircleCI, Github Actions
  • Test : PHPUnit, Mocha, Chai, Istanbul
  • Package Manager: NPM
  • PaaS : Heroku, Docker
  • AWS: S3
  • OS : Debian (Ubuntu) Linux, Windows
  • Push Notification: OneSignal
  • Analytics: Firebase
  • Monetization: Admob, Google Play IAP